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Jon Eisens review from NZJNM issue 23

Jon Eisen, editor of The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine NZJNMEmailBanner

JackiBarkerWhat a beautiful book and so wonderfully presented. You should be so proud and I wish you lots of success my friend
Jacki Barker

"I love the book - there is so much in there! I followed your instructions and turned it around 3 times and opened it randomly. It took me to the sections on pendulums - my father was a diviner and had a healing gift but never used it. ...I thought that was really interesting that the "book" kept bringing me back to this section a few times in a row.... The other part of the book I enjoyed was the one about your house and all the challenges you faced initially, and how you found a way through it....I can't wait to have a bit of free time to get familiar with the cards!
By a happy Discovery reader