DiseasesAndDisordersThetaHealing® Diseases and Disorders

This book is a definitive guide to learn an in-depth understanding of releasing disease from an intuitive perspective. In this book you can read about the Programs, Belief Systems, intuitive insights, remedies, and supplements that Vianna has found to be of value as they pertain to certain diseases and disorders; and from her experience with over 47,000 sessions.

"I must thank all the wonderful clients that gave me the opportunity to learn the information that has finally come to rest, compiled in this book for posterity. May this knowledge be a gift for all those brave souls out there that dare to believe." – Vianna Stibal

NZ $38 including shipping within New Zealand

This book is provided to students who attend the ThetaHealing Disease and Disorder workshop.

Please note: This book is readily available overseas and would avoid me charging international shipping rates to clients outside New Zealand