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Cosmic Radiance DISCOVERY

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"Life is a journey to DISCOVERY"

This is a beautiful, magical, full colour quality book. 238 pages filled with fabulous graphics and even photographic evidence of magical apparitions showing how thin the dimensional veils are.

This book aims to excite and inspire through Pip's personal journey where she offers wonderful solutions to create a healthier life within life's challenges.

This is your Guide to Joy.


“Philippa Joy Oxlade is one of the most positive people I have ever met. I am delighted that she has chosen to share with and guide others to the valuable lessons she has learned in facing and overcoming her own health challenges.”
Katherine Smith, Editor of The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine.
“Just like the television Discovery Channel, Philippa’s book covers a multitude of subjects and makes them interesting. There is something for everyone. Joy is Philippa’s middle name, and indeed a sense of joy pervades her entire book”.
Geoffrey Morell, JP, ND

"What a beautiful book and so wonderfully presented. You should be so proud and I wish you lots of success my friend."
Jacki Barker, Australia



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Philippa Joy Oxlade is an international Spiritual Success Mentor, author, writer, teacher, practitioner and inspirational speaker on how to be the best you can be now. Born in England in 1964 Philippa is now based in Hamilton, New Zealand and refers to herself as a ‘successful student of life’. She has faced a number of health challenges including cancer and congenital leg issues, so with 20 years’ experience as a Nurse and later a Midwife in the UK she says “I have learnt many creative ways to cope with difficulties whilst maintaining a positive outlook. I am passionate about sharing the secret to success through good techniques and practical application”

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