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Pip Oxlade, Hamilton, New Zealand
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ThetaHealing® testimonials


Doing World relations released the ancestral burdens I had been carrying and acting out in this life. I created freedom!
Intuitive anatomy and Diseases and Disorders both help you to find what ails you. World relations makes you a better person by shedding grudges and prejudices towards others.


I have learned so much and feel as though my journey as a healer is very much advanced with Theta Advanced. Thank you.
Pip is the best teacher ever across all times and all planes!!!
Amazing learning!!
You are beautiful inside and out and a great teacher.
To feel so much was amazing and experience a more powerful knowing. Your beautiful essence and radiance you speak from the heart
Gave me confidence and another healing tool. Pip is an excellent, highly qualified teacher, very professional. You are very clear and honest at teaching, loving and compassionate & humerous.
ThetaHealing is a wonderful healing technique for all ages and could benefit all people in some way, well worth investing in and totally useful for everyday life, well presented
I arrived in the dark and left in the light. It is, as profound and as simple as that.
I totally recommend this life changing course to everyone. Philippa, is the most awesomest teacher, can't wait for the next course
I couldn't ask for a better course. You are very gifted as a spiritual teacher and beautiful inside and out. You give it your all and to teach us step by step and I appreciate that very much. You are such an amazing person
A weekend well worth attending - life changing
Philippa has a great energy and connection with each person on the course
I realise how the Theta process can allow me to imagine and create and allow me to feel so inspired to do anything for my life – this is so awesome.
Philippa is wonderfully encouraging and uplifting with positive attitude. Philippa takes the time to go through very thoroughly with whatever the problem may be until it is understood and cleared.
Pip is so very positive – always looking for a solution – she has a very quick thinking mind – full of creativity to continue searching until the problem is resolved positively.
The course was excellent. It answered lots of questions I had been trying to search for, for many years. Pip has a lovely, friendly, approachable, personality and makes you feel at ease with this subject. Wendy
Another brilliantly run training module clearly communicated and fun experience
Fun, relaxed well run managed course
This course is a good course with clear explanations and balancing of the chain reaction
You add a good sense of humour and I appreciate the knowledge you share
Wonderful teacher, lots of information shared, taught in a fun way
Blown away yet again
Loved it all
The most powerful thing is the engagement of specific observation
Real cellular focus combined with medical knowledge is a powerful tool to really nail
Working through my ancestors beliefs was my favourite because most beliefs I had were found there. Clearing them meant that healing can change me now and go through to future generations for the better
I loved working with the virus, microbes and the effectiveness of changing the beliefs
The power of ThetaHealing is in making the changes at the time of ancestral impact and seeing how it alters something in the now...I was excited to create change along the time lines!
I am feeling a lot clearer within myself doing the Diseases and Disorders course. Pip and John gave a great level of support for all of her students, in the organisation before the course, throughout and after the course too. Thank you
I thank pip from the bottom of my heart for this amazing journey ive been on for the past three weeks. she is an awesome teacher with a FUN teaching method. this course brought so many things to the surface for me to deal with and its no doubt, i have walked away a totally different person,im flying!!! much love
“Pip is an incredible teacher. Her nursing background coupled with her intuition and the joy she integrates into her class are astounding. She holds space incredibly well and is supportive, loving and kind. She knows the material so well and is able to teach each student in the way they best learn”.
‘Pip you know how to laugh, have fun and play! You are so thorough with the material, your willingness to be close with your students and the extra level of support you provide”
Andrea, Colorado