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Pip Oxlade, Hamilton, New Zealand
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All ThetaHealing® seminars I can offer

The ThetaHealing® Heart Song

For Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioners - Heart song practitioners support group.

In the Heart Song workshop you will have access to deep levels of your heart to remove trauma, grief, loss, heart break.

I will take you through the process as you let go of the past and rediscover your freedom to give and receive love. Clearing the heart allows your body to hold a higher vibration of love and experience the truth of being whole and connected to all that is. There is no 'law' of love, love simply 'is' and wins every time. It's simply a question of allowing more of it to flow through your entire being.

With love and life come their opposites; fear and death. When we feel love we are expansive, while fear is contractive and withdrawing. Without love life has little meaning. The heart is where we feel love for ourselves and for others. It is also where we feel our pain from loss, grief, betrayal and heartache. This is when we get into the victim heart that says, "Why is this happening to me!". Then the heart is not clear. The clear heart observes, instead of reacts. It listens and ponders before it responds. It doesn't take anything personally and forgives more easily.

It has been seen again and again that after completion of the Heart Song, people have had great resolutions with issues like Congestive Heart Failure, High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, diseases related to the Lungs, Heart, Weight loss and finding your Divine Mate amongst many other benefits.

*Note: Please bring a pair of socks and a jacket / shawl. If you would like to lie down while doing the Heart Song, please bring a Yoga Mat.

Prerequisites: None