Philippa Joy Oxlade

Accommodation in Cambridge

Are you looking for a better way to find answers for yourself or for your clients?

I developed the Being in Colour Card and healing tool in 2009, this was a hugley scary time for me as I was battling health issues of infertility and then cancer, the cards are based on the coping and recovery process that I went through.

I'm immensely proud with the results of a Colour Card and questioning process, which has a modern twist, can be used by anyone to help identify their true purpose and path, just by sifting away the clutter.

These cards access the inner truth in a really easy and simple way - they are also beautiful to look at and so enjoyable to use.

They are tool to use everyday - they offer you the support you may need without having to ask and recieve others opinions.

Join me for a truly fun, beautiful day learning the level 1 process.

We have on-site retreat accommodation and earybird specials to make this a truly worthwhile experience.


Being in Colour 2016 taking interest