Philippa Joy Oxlade

Unite against Covid 19 basic tile

I have stopped offering face-to-face consultations; I am working distantly and offer on-line/Skype/Zoom consultations

My Psychic development, Clendinning and Reiki courses will be adapted and offered online soon.

The class schedule on my website should be taken as "information only", and may change at short notice.

As New Zealand is on lockdown and we're under self-isolation until at least the end of April; and maybe longer pleasestay safe.

Thank you for your understanding and let us play!


Praanayam Meditation

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The Science of Praanayam

Breath is precious. When breath is refined, thinking is refined. Praanayam is the ancient yogic technique that uses breathing exercises to regulate the subtle praanik forces, which not only brings about health and balance, but leads the human consciousness to the dimension of freedom, peace, and equanimity. With the practice of praanayam, every cell is flooded with praan, the vital force, and the result is the ability to store praan so that the wealth of this pure energy is available to you at all times.

There is an innate relation between breath and mind. When the breath and praan are settled, the mind also becomes peaceful.

"Relax and meditate with Pip at my Praanayam classes"

Classes run over 1 hour with a pre class option to arrive 15 minutes earlier to enjoy a lie down and a wind down relaxation session before class

What to bring- Please bring a rug and or mat, water bottle and a pair of socks (for hygiene)

See events page for class dates and times
There are 6 classes and the investment is $90 for them
Numbers are limited to 8 people

It isn't possible to offer refunds for non attendance of a class, but I am sure we can slot you into another class of that type at a later date if you would like but my preference is you come through these 6 classes all as one group and build up on your techniques together

Additional info

I have been taught by Pragati and Krishna who are Master meditators in the Himalayas and their guru is Swami Shyam and this is a link to info about him and his work

Often meditators like to focus with Mala beads and I met this lady who makes beautiful ones for the Ashram and including Swami Shyam too so maybe you wish to consider these and she wrote....." If any of your friends and associates are open to the idea of a handcrafted Mala, please share with them this link to Heart of All Hearts PDF Collection:

They’ll have not just a fashion item, but rather a Mala made from the finest gemstones and forest findings, with every knot tied with the Mantra of immortality and bliss by a girl who has been tying and singing and meditating with an enlightened being for 40 years. My special joy is to meet and unite, and create a one of a kind Mala that will enhance the spiritual experience and awareness of each and every one. Last time we guessed, each and every one turned out to be some 4,000. Simple mathematics be darned: oneness alone is the truth and essence of the whole of existence.