Philippa Joy Oxlade

Cosmic Radiance DISCOVERY

I have attended meditation classes and also had healings with Philippa. For me Philippa has provided a healing space of such peace, calmness, safety and care.
I feel so able to relax and put my trust in Philippa for my healing.
I thank you Philippa for the clarity I have been able to gain at times. I have felt so confused and the sense of calmness she helped me experience within.
I thank you, bless you Pip and highly recommend everyone to experience you as a healer and teacher to enrich their lives as you have mine.

Thank you both so much for welcoming me into your scared space.
I arrived feeling unsure of why I was here but had been guided here by the universe and my animal and bird spirit guides.
I now know why I was guided here and are leaving much more enlightened and highly healed in many, many ways.
I now understand why so many things ive been seeing and feeling and reading ect have been put in front of me over the years.
Thank you both so much especially for all the healing and advise.