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Pip Oxlade, Hamilton, New Zealand
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Being in Colour®

For allowing me to use her song "Just Be" as my official theme

Lost? Muddled? In a spin!

I know you hold the answer in your heart and soul.

First of all though, you have to ask yourself the right question and I can show you how easy it is to do this. It is about learning to communicate affectively with yourself to find a solution for this issue you are facing now.

 You can find peace with this heartfelt technique

So 'Tap into the truth within to find a workable solution right now'

I own and have used oracle cards for many years; mostly at the time when I sought inner guidance for myself. You don’t always want to go to see someone or speak to others and hear their opinions. I have felt that they have generally been very helpful; just selecting one in the morning can set you up for a happier day.

At a time of ill health and personal crisis I developed the Being in Colour® technique based upon the coping and recovery process I was in. Tapping into this deep experience of infertility and then cancer it became the hardest and yet most productive time of my life. I have always been a health advocate in some way or other (a nurse and later a midwife) and here I was learning to tap into my intuition like never before. Through channeling and study I also learnt how to understand the ancient aspects of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the Metal elements along with the help of the "Beings of Colour" and the vibrational healing connection. The end result being a wonderful standalone colour card and questioning process with a modern twist, that helps identify a person's true purpose and path by sifting away the clutter. These cards have proven time and time again to be very accurate as they access your inner truth in such a simple easy way.

The Being in Colour® process works well alongside other techniques to open up dialogue between the practitioner and the client and assists you to Be the best you can be Now.

The basic process is simple, safe and empowering. The card visuals stimulate a reaction to assist you to help understand yourself better. You are the most important person in this process and you hold the key to your destiny. I am just a facilitator assisting you to locate your key and unlock the door safely. Sometimes your realisation can be fairly quick and the resulting revelation is a wonderful start on the road to the "new you". I have seen people’s attitudes and awareness completely turnaround from the time they walk in to when they depart. We always offer a positive outcome even when the answer is something quite different to what you expected. Being in Colour® assists you to formulate a focus, an affirmation and work towards your goal through this innovative method.

Who knows what your real truth is? Are you ready to find out?....Pip

Learn Being in Colour®

Being in Colour® can be learnt through just reading through the book and lot's of practise. The Toolkit is comprehensive.

So you can develop yourself independently and / or like me you prefer learning in a concentrated fashion; so please inquire about taking a Being in Colour class.

Would you like to officially work on others as a facilitator? Please inquire about this.


I tend to cover the North Island of New Zealand and Barbara Dixon-Grant covers the South Island.

However please note that both Barbara and I are very happy to travel and teach anywhere so just ask. I have taught in Australia, the UK, America and Holland.

Maybe you would like to be a teacher of Being in Colour!

Click here for more info on workshops and retreat weekends.

I have also created the Cosmic Radience Rainbow Healing modules which incorporate all aspects of the Being in Colour® process in eight entry-level modules and four advanced days.


I looked at all areas I thought I had dealt with and Being in Colour addressed my shoulder pain by looking at emotions and feeling through the cards selected. I highly recommend this to anyone. ... Angela Rojas, ThetaHealer and Teacher, Melbourne
When I initially had a reading with the (Being in Colour) cards I didn't really know what to expect (or have a particular question in mind). What unfolded was amazing. The process involved little steps, with questions, that were achievable. I gained a lot of clarity, awareness and understanding of myself and felt much empowered at the end of the session. ... Karen
I wanted to send you an email to send you 1000 truck loads of gratitude for all that you have done. There has been so many changes .....

My daughter was incredibly happy and connected last night, I was able to clear my home of any negative forces, big difference, my other daughter dissolved into in a loving angel!!!! Not to mention the changes in me!!!!! I feel strong, connected worthy, loved, and clear, loving it!!!!

Not to mention the work I just done on a client, he was a beam of light and happiness when he left, IT just goes on and on and on.......Thank you thank you thank you. ... H.S (Counsellor in Hamilton) YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed this afternoon's session, it was a way to sort through some of my concerns in both rebuilding/repairing and forging new friendships in my personal life. I found the tool useful to gain clarity on where I was at and my next steps. As I said in the session the symbology is useful for it's provoking and multi layered images allow both the surface and then deeper ideas to be brought out. Also I found it amusing when looking up my favourite colour- orange to reflect that by choosing to live in orange I have changed my life to a happier one. The initial change to orange was around the time I first started my journey into coaching and my success. Outward symbols of inner change. ... Established at a Team building exercise in a Hamilton business.
I was amazed at how quickly and easily the (Being in Colour) cards I chose revealed the core issue of a worrying situation. The bigger picture became obvious and an achievable pathway to a resolution completed this remarkable experience. Thank you Pip and John. ... Sue
As a result of the (Being in Colour) readings I did for myself I have had a real shift in how I feel – I have a new sense of peace – it is quite extraordinary and can only put it down to your cards – thank you! ... Beth
It is quick and fun to do. The cards are attractive and easy to focus on. If you have tried other options and are looking for another form of therapy that you can do yourself. I would recommend the Colour cards for anyone who wants to help themselves or others in a fun colourful way. ... Marg' Cadden, Sydney
I realised what I wasn't in control of and what was affecting me and knowing that made it easier to let go and walk away from it. ... P.V. Hamilton
As a chartered colour therapist and developer of the concept Colour Coaching, I can highly recommend the 'Being in Colour toolkit'. It a great tool for self development and self growth, using the universal language of colour. If you would like more insight into your clients or yourself, the 'Being in Colour' is an easy and effective product to use. ... Thelma van der Werff,, Author of "Why are you wearing those colours?" and "Dress to Impress".
It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed going back along a time line and felt very safe. The process helped fill in the little gaps of what I've been looking for in my life and has shown me the gifts that are there and where they have come from......You know there's more out there and it's like putting the pieces of the jigsaw together to help me heal.....I wondered sometimes where the words came from as they are so automatic and the answer was just there. ... Sharon, Hamilton