Clendinning Technique

(also known as Spiritual Healing or Medical Intuition)

Geoffrey and PipIs a spiritual, energetic healing technique based around dowsing and intuitive scanning to identify and rectify energy blocks and bring the body into balance and healing. The technique was devised by GEOFFREY C. MORELL, Medical intuitive and energy healer.

The Clendinning Technique originates from the understanding that we are 'all our own healers' and by knowing that we can all tap into our intuitive abilities. By so doing, we can address concerns and issues with better clarity to ease ourselves back into rebalanced health.

Both the client and practitioner need to believe in some form of higher energy, power or body. The details are not important, but the BELIEF is.

The Clendinning practitioner visualizes themselves to be a conduit of energy for the person receiving it. The receiver can be either seated or lying down fully clothed on a massage table.

See the video below where Geoffrey is interviewed and demonstrates his technique.

The process consists of:

  • Dowsing
  • A step-by-step aura cleanse
  • Clearing the body of any entities, if necessary
  • External and internal assessment of all parts of the body, using intuitive procedures
  • Work on the physical body to clear any disharmonies
  • Occasionally performance of a psychic "operation"
  • Reference to the book Heal Your Body by Louise. L. Hay. This book offers appropriate affirmations as her words give a deeper understanding of the reasons for illness and provide a positive focus
  • Muscle or pendulum test for nutritional deficiencies
  • Suggest changes in the way of eating and the way of thinking
  • Sealed with a hug and gratitude to God

The difference I have found with this technique to giving Reiki for example is the constant interactive discussion shared between the practitioner and client during the session. It is the posive affirmation and goal setting that sets this technique aside from any that I have been involved in. The thorough dowsing and checking and rechecking as blocked energy is identified and released without drama is very intriguing and I have seen good changes in demeaner and outlook happen. Renewed positive focus within can assist change.....Pip Oxlade

A Clendinning session usually takes an hour to an hour and a half (but the technique can be applied for a minute or two depending upon need and urgency). For a full session we usually start with the client lying prone; both sides of your body are fully assessed.

Following your session you will be more aware of helpful foods that can boost essential vitamins and minerals for your wellbeing, you are given affirmations to work with, agree goals and importantly leave with a much better self awareness.

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Medical Intuition definition

Medical Intuition is also known as spiritual healing is the ability to intuitively body scan in a meditative state a client to see what the body looks like, to establish any abnormal energy, remove negative entities and establish a road map to deal with any presenting issues for the highest. The practitioner is guided by their connection to God, Creator, the highest connection to source.

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