FREE Meditations

FREE Meditation - Meet your Goddess

Join me for 32 minutes of guided, relaxing meditation.

Before you start, find a place that is still, quiet, calm. Light a candle (incense is an optional extra) and prepare it with no interruptions i.e. Turn the phone off and tell people not to bother you. Go to the loo. Have water nearby.

There is background noise due to this being a live recording so why not add your own music on top of the talking to heighten the enjoyment.  So relax - set an intent for the meditation, peace, harmony, letting go of stress ect.

It is not recommended that you listen to a meditation when you are operating machinery or driving a vehicle.

Above all, enjoy and be the best you can be now.

Love Philippa x


When you are ready... CLICK HERE to download.

(This was recorded at one of my regular Meditation Classes.)