My journey as a spiritual success mentor is one I am very proud of, but as I look back the thing that brings me the most joy is was creating 'Being in Colour' card and healing tool kit. 

Why? Because I was going through a really difficult time in my life when I created this and needed an incredible amount of strength to do this - now I see what a wonderful experience I create for people when I give them a Being in Colour reading.

I have always wanted this tool kit to be available to people everywhere so now, finally, with the wonders of technology, my dream is coming to fruition and we now have an app available for anroid users - with an apple app due to be ready in 2016.

This app is FREE -  as my gift to you, I want you to have an uplifting exerience and use this tool daily for guidence - always with it being your choice to use this guidence or not.

Please note:  If you listen to the full meditation to wait a while before driving a vehicle.

I love getting feedback or just hearing where in the world you are - while using the app - so please drop me a line or head to my facebook page 

Enjoy !   Pip x

2015 11 by Drumroll