I always feel blessed with the feedback that my students take the time to give me.

Below are the comments from a student that did the Being in Colour workshop.

Being in Colour has been an enlightening process for me.  I love the use of colour and colour images as a healing modality and also that it can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities.

It is instantaneous, it surrounds us constantly.  It is a vibrating medium, it is tangible or intangible depending on perception.

It evokes so many different responses from different people. 

There is always something to be explored, something more to 'see'- layer upon layer of these powerful images which are divinely inspired.

I also like the idea of being the 'facilitator' so that it is a very empowering tool for the client.  The client finds the answers from within.  The affirmations and answers that come to them are already there in their subconscious but this tool brings clarity and insight and affirms their thoughts.  There can be a sense of relief or 'knowing' which often brings tears to their eyes.

It is a very practical tool to help centre and connect within.

Often you can achieve in half an hour what could take three counselling sessions.


I am always running Being in Colour workshops - but if you have dates that suit you better get in contact with me to discuss further.