I welcome those that want to learn and expand, to join my workshops.  I believe that when I offer a workshop, that it should be a holistic experience so my students are nurtured from the moment they walk through the door.

The environment sets the scene for a relaxed and tranquil experience - with the property set on the banks of the Waipa river.

Our eco-friendly lockwood home captures the essence of who my husband and I are.  The heart of the house is a large lounge area that also houses the kitchen and a huge wooden table to present our students with heart-warming food and nourishment.

Because the workshops are not large groups, a real sense of friendship and support develops from being in this room and continues when sitting around the table sharing the food we prepare and supply as part of the workshop package.

To turn your experience into a retreat workshop we are able to offer you lovely accomodation facilities.

See what workshops we have coming up and if there are not dates for a particular workshop you are interested in - please just ask.