Speaking - We all can speak.... can't we?

But some people can speak to a crowd and entertain them, others talk at a crowd and down to them and then you get the literal speakers that bore you to death with facts facts facts. Then you get speakers who share and teach and inspire you.

Well guess which one I am.

'Hi Pip,

I have been in this field for over 20 years, so I have done a lot of work myself and I did know about a lot of things you were talking about. I really enjoyed using ourselves as pendulum. It was something new to me and I really liked your cards. I think if you can take just one thing out of a workshop it is a success!!! There were quite a few people they were a bit new to all of this and I thought it catered very well to their needs.

I found your workshop was very upbeat, positive and interesting to listen to. I liked your energy.

Kind regards


I just so love teaching, sharing and caring. I get inspired seeing all the light bulbs go on for those listening and I love presenting fun enlivening topics too. I love seeing that I can make a change so easily.

I loved presenting at the Auckland Reflexology conference this weekend on 'Let's create abundance and joy' ...and guess what! It starts with you working on yourself, sorting out those limiting beliefs and clearing away the old cobwebs of confusion :-)Pip teaching 2

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I love the opportunity to travel and would love to visit Perth and Sydney too!