I tell you some amazing things happening around the Blue Being!

There is positive abundance everywhere!

Have you noticed it.... and how quickly things can shift and change.

You obviously have relatBlue Being Camva imageed to the image or maybe is it the words as I wonder what drew you exactly to connect with me here.

I drew my being in 2008, a being within a being, a gentle soul but 7 foot high with a masculine energy, truthful and direct.

He came through to me when I was attuning students to Reiki, I then found Thetahealing and then I had my journey with cancer.

Me and my blue have been on an incredible trip and Being in Colour cards were the result. Now Cosmic Radience and what I do and what I am.

There is a big story in all this.

However last week I had many synchronicities around children, events and signs of Blue and then yesterday I saw Gary Cook, Spiritual teacher post up on FB a link to another website than the one I was drawn to on Saturday about Blue Ray beings; I knew it was time to reveal some truths.

So please if any of this resonates with you, you can take a look at this http://www.shekinaspeaks.com/blue_ray.html

And I ask....Is it time for your truth and I wonder how you will feel when you look at Shekinas website. I had hairs go up on the back of my neck when I read it- like I was home.

 It all makes absolute sense to me.

Really gives me an idea as to my origin and an even better connection with the Being in Colour cards as to what they are here to help people with ;-)

I am running a special Being in Colour Retreat on June 19-21st and have a couple of places left....it is more than the cards.

As I mentioned in 2008 I drew myself from the future. I wonder what would you look like :-)