Often we just wonder if there could actually be an easy answer dont we.

But can you imagine that there can be?

This really is the first place to actually start as you have to believe that life can be easy and this option is open to you.

Imagine life with no more dramas, no more beating around the bush, no more wondering and wandering.

Just get the answer 'Just like that!'

Being in Colour creates results so simply...have a read of Janelle's testimonial and let me know what You reckon!............


Colour Gold'Recently I met Phillipa Joy Hense at a Women’s VIP Event and I had the pleasure first hand to experience her colour cards and be taken through the process of discovery and insights.  My initial question was to get some answers about my financial situation particularly pertaining to my work.

I got the colour GOLD.  

My message was around feeling warm and tingly, creating a treasure chest of gold money and I got a sudden flash of seeing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I could immediately understand the symbolism of the message and symbol of the chest, but initially didn’t understand about San Francisco.  But in recent years, I have learned to never underestimate the “random” and I know, when we listen intuitively and be unattached to the message, the "gem" is revealed.

The following day I received an email from the Global Leader of Feminine Power and she mentioned she was visiting San Francisco!  I love her work! I love her message and it is very much how I also help women being in their soft, yet powerful feminine power - connected, intuitive. honouring their body and its signals and taking time for their own pleasures.

I had also been struggling with some wording for an upcoming sales video series and right there in the email were some really useful key phrases that “sung to me.”

So to you Phillipa, I am grateful for the insights I got from your cards which are beautiful and powerful.  Well done!'

Janelle Fletcher

Self Love and Body Confidence Coach


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