Philippa Joy Oxlade

Become a Demo Model / Sample Client

Demo modelsThank you for your interest in being a demo client during one of my seminars

For many of my classes I require demo models or sample clients for my students to work with. The demo sessions are free-of-charge and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Demo's models will be contacted with specifics details, but the sessions are usually in the afternoon and will last about one hour.

  • Please remember that the depth of the session will be dependent on the individual's experience and myself and others are there to assist where necessary.
  • You are welcome to stay for a cuppa afterwards, and if you would like to bring a cake or similar that would be appreciated (though not essential).

Thank you for offering your time to help with my student's learning and experience.

  • I encourage you to read-up on ThetaHealing® so you are aware of what to expect during your session.

Watch this space for info on future seminars where I will be looking for demo clients.

Thank you