By changing the way you believe and act you may manifest change in others. It has often been said that when people stop looking they find that their soul mate will just appear, and more often that not, that person has been right in front of them all along.

Techniques that may be of assistance

Being in Colour® and ThetaHealing® work in different ways but both can help you sort through any blocks you may have or any patterns that are preventing you from having the most fulfilling relationship you can with your partner.

I offer a specific workshop for people looking to either enhance their relationship with their existing partner or to find their Soul Mate.

Let me work with you to de-clutter your mind and enable you to concentrate on the things that are important to you for balance in mind, body and soul.

Tthere are so many angles that I can come from to assist you to get the most from your session. I work fast and gently, thoroughly and carefully.

Please take a look at the many ThetaHealing® courses I run and what they entail as there may be a topic that excites and interests you and this is where we can start in your session.

As I have been working in this area for a good number of years now, I am very happy to suggest a way forwards that suits you perfectly to get to Be the best you can be right NOW.



Web front page cropped smallMy sessions

Normally, a new client will come to me with a situation or condition (*) that they would like to address; or they may ask for a specific technique they have heard of or experienced.

Most of the techniques I offer can help with most conditions; it just depends on your individual situation and the journey you have undertaken to reach this point in your life. It is not as simple as saying that one specific technique addresses one specific condition - "I wish it was that straightforward!" For example, your session could include expression through art for therapy, perhaps some guidance using the Being in Colour or Oracle cards, some spiritual balancing of your chakras or some inner belief and program work. Please be assured that I will facilitate the best and most appropriate session for YOU.

Most of the techniques that I offer can be done over the phone/Skype, however please note that I prefer to do Art for Therapy and Crystals face-to-face and hands-on.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me. Many people have never experienced alternative, natural, holistic or complementary healing and need to know more before booking a session.

Session package

1 full session - $161 hour. Part sessions are for ongoing clients only so 30 minutes for $90 and 15 minutes $50.

3 sessions - $435 incl. discount

5 sessions - $700 incl discount

Travel time to your place of work is extra at $1 a minute. An estimate can be given.please ask.


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