• August 2018
  • From Tue 14 Aug 6:00pm until Thu 16 Aug 10:00pm
    At Sacramento, CA, USA Categories: ThetaHealing Dig Deeper Tags: Taught by John, Sacramento, CA, USA
    The ThetaHealing® Technique is fabulous for getting to the origin of our issues because Practitioners are taught an incredible technique called digging. This narrative style approach allows us to comfortably discover the elusive and deep subconscious thoughts and beliefs that can block us. The ThetaHealing technique then uses unconditional love, Belief and Feeling work to clear these. Prerequisites: Basic DNA and Advanced DNA - Pricing: US $480 - Please contact our host Yang Darling to register:
  • From Mon 20 Aug 9:00am until Fri 24 Aug 5:00pm
    The Planes of Existence is the wellspring of philosophy that is behind all the seminar and books of ThetaHealing®. By learning the structure of the Planes of Existence, Vianna was shown that it was possible to create new realities in this lifetime and why she was creating difficult situations in her life. - Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Intuitive Anatomy - Pricing: US $800 - Registration: Please contact our host Yang Darling to register:
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