Clendinning Technique - Talk and Demonstration

Clendinning Technique - Talk and Demonstration

From Thu 24 Oct 7:00pm until Thu 24 Oct 9:00pm

At COBDEN House, 111 Peachgrove Rd, Hamilton East, NZ

+64 (0)21 031 7324

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IMG 4943 croppedThe Clendinning Technique has been created by Geoffrey Morell, a beautiful man now in his late 80s, nearly 90s. He lives in Washington DC but was born in Opotiki, New Zealand. He was a minister for Social Credit and once he retired he found that he had the healing-touch, and he started to look in to why he had heat in his hands and how he could help others. He believes that everyone can be a healer. Now Geoffrey has developed his healing technique into what it is today. It involves a full assessment of the front and the back of a client who may come because they are stressed or feeling ill or in pain. He is a Radiathesiist meaning he dowses, and he uses his hand to assess the body for any negative energy, negative aura and entities and rid the body of those. Then he assesses through the dowsing the various points of the body and the anatomy, and he runs through all the system. It's very involved (his assessment) so that he can tell the person who is lying there listening, how their body is and any emotions or feelings that may come up or surface.

He references the Louise L. Hay book "Heal Your Body", so that affirmations can be formed, the person can hear what their body is trying to say and then have something positive to take away, to help change their mind from the negative to the positive. We all know the body has quite a baring on how we are physically, mentally and emotionally, and so it is important we have a positive mindset.

I love Geoffrey's technique because of the practicality of it. It is ideal for anybody and you don't have to have learnt another technqiue to learn the Clendinning Technique, so you can be an absolute beginner, or for those people who would like to have another technique for their toolkit, then I really would recommend this.

NZ $5