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  • Clendinning Basic and Advanced on line
  • Theta Healing Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper on line and where possible in person
  • Praanayam Online morning and evening classes and where possible in person

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ThetaClass3ThetaHealing "World Relations" class, Mid June - exact dates TBC

Cambridge, Waikato

This advanced ThetaHealing class is amazing for creating inner peace and healing to any past life or ancestral triggers that create conflict in your world today I am just confirming a boutique class will be taught IN PERSON for just 4 people* so we are inviting 2 more Theta Healing practitioners to join us in a most complimentary way.

(I just love this course)

Pre- Reqs are...Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper


Pip Oxlade at the Women's Lifestyle Expo

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Being in Colour Level 1

On Sat 4 Jul
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On this one or two-day workshop you will learn:

Introduction to the Being in Colour® cards and the process

  • Learn how to ask effective questions
  • Touch on the psychology of colour
  • Understanding colours of the mind and body
  • Meditation
  • Explore why you react to colours the way you do
  • Establish what the hidden colour messages are indicating
  • Become confident in doing 1-3 colour card readings for yourself and on others
  • Optional: Commence doing case studies (mainly on day two)
  • Discussion and reflection time
  • See the 10-card process (taught at Level 2)
  • Establish a workable aim and life focus for the NOW!
  • Upon completion of this workshop a Reader Level 1 certificate is given.

You do require to have your own Being in Colour toolkit (this is purchased separately) So early registration is important
pricing $150 and for FULL information please visit