Philippa Joy Oxlade

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Pip Oxlade at the Women's Lifestyle Expo

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Upcoming seminars and events

  • January 2020
  • From Wed 29 Jan 9:00am until Thu 30 Jan 5:00pm
    At Hamilton, New Zealand Categories: ThetaHealing Animals Seminar Tags: Presented by John, Hamilton, NZ
    This unique seminar was developed for those who love animals and have a deep connection and affinity with all living things. In this two-day seminar you will gain a deeper understanding and gain confidence in healing with animals. You will also learn why we, as humans, behave as we do, how our DNA really works, and to make changes in our life through our DNA. Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, and Dig Deeper - Pricing: NZ $600 (2 days) - Clothing advisory: As we will be working outside and the ground may be wet, please wear appropriate clothing and footwear. In addition, as you may be required to neal down, please wear loose-fitting leggings or trousers. I strongly advise you not to wear skirts/dresses for this class.
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