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My Psychic development, Clendinning and Reiki courses will be adapted and offered online soon.

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In what is the 3rd book in this series, Tina Pavlou the founder of The Goddess Rooms, an Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor, has brought together 19 Soul Sisters in Australia and Pip in New Zealand in this highly engaging and powerful book.

" This book for me will be an invaluable reference to reignite the goddess within us all with women inspiring women with raw accounts of incredible journeys to success. A collaboration of women across the globe. We are officially now a best seller! oh yes!! I have just arrived back to live in Cambridge, NZ after 11 years of surviving severe health issues and am now feeling amazing and am so very excited to share how you can be the best you can be too. I invite you to enjoy this wonderful book and to take a look also at my other two books ... Cosmic Radiance Discovery and Being in Colour

Love to all the goddesses in this world Pipx

19 Women, 19 Stories 19 Different walks of life, all coming together to take you on a journey of Spiritual Awakening and how they as a Goddess heard her call. They embark on life’s journey, each meeting Tina and igniting their Spiritual Growth, Feminine Healing Powers and stepping into their own Goddess. This is a path of Sisterhood like no other, When The Goddess Calls it teaches us about Diversity, Strength, Courage, Love and Friendship. The Divine Feminine Awakens.


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20/20 Intuitive Insights programme

This is a summary of the classes John and I are running as part of our "20/20 Intuitive Insights" ThetaHealing programme in 2020. Click on each one to learn more.


Cosmic Radiance DISCOVERY (book)

The aim of Cosmic Radiance Discovery is to help guide you and assist you to create a better, healthier and more prosperous future; to create a real difference in your life, and other people's, for the animals and our earth.

Cosmic Radiance is about change and how to change in a positive way, easily and simply.

It helps people to change habits, thought processes and perceptions to find something that works better for them in a more expansive way to see the bigger picture.

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Rediscover your intuitive skills through the application of these topics

  • Auras, Chakras and Energy
  • Dowsing, Radiesthesia and Divination
  • Art for Therapy
  • Vibrational Colour, Sound and Movement
  • Understanding Embedded Programmes and Beliefs
  • The Body Intuitive
  • Crystals
  • Animal, Plant and Earth Healing


Enjoy the Cosmic Radiance journey and link in through colour to:

  • Reconnect with the universal rainbow energy within you.
  • Be gently guided in a supportive loving way to reconnect with your natural intuitive abilities through visualisation and direct application of heart, mind and soul.
  • Become confident in helping yourself and others through a wonderful array of techniques.
  • My aim is to teach you the best and easiest way to ask great questions.

Some sample pages:

09 Introduction to Cosmic Radiance DISCOVERY 2 20 Energy Auras and Chakras 16 25 The Body Intuitive 2

OpenQuotesSay what you will, there is more – lots more – to recommend positive thinking as an avenue to healing than there is negative thinking. Try your hardest and you would be at a loss to come up with very much of efficacy in the negative.

Now, Philippa (“Pip”) just happens to be the Advertising Manager of this publication, and as a consequence of that (and other things, besides) has asked for and has received a half page ad as well as this review to help her publicise her new book.

The fair question remains, then, as to how objective this review can possibly be?

The answer is this: Very.

Firstly, I would not have agreed to run the ad or a review if I thought that I would be obligated to falsify my opinions.

I genuinely like this beautiful book (and the author) very much. I am impressed with both of them.

Unlike many spiritual teachers, Pip actually exemplifies everything she is writing about. She is a walking billboard for her philosophy and techniques. Her book is a roadmap for people who have had a difficult time of things in this incarnation and are looking for a way to turn things around – without adding any baggage to their already heavy load.

She is not pushing a cult or a rigid belief system.

She is, rather, helping the reader get in touch with knowledge that they may already have, without being aware of it.

In that regard, she is through her most interesting techniques, helping the reader explore and actually utilise the innate knowledge of the soul – something we are born with and have been pressured into suppressing.

She is pushing the “rediscovery” barrow, something we all seem to require on this journey, and without which we are less complete than we are designed to be.

What, then, about the technique?

I have thought for many years now that what we call “reality” may be little more than a concept we self-imbue with moment-to-moment self hypnosis. e.g., our belief system which creates what we think of as “reality”.

Some people think of this as a “consensus reality trance” we spin for ourselves, and I tend to agree.

So does the author who focuses much of her effort toward freeing the reader to explore “reality” outside of this trance, as well as techniques to break the trance as non-traumatically as possible in such a way as to facilitate (that word again!) the healing process.

It is indeed refreshing, albeit somewhat disconcerting, to read of Pip’s own brush (!) with cancer and how she sucessfully dealt with it, and how she came out far stronger and eager to share her hard-won wisdom.

This is above all an honest book, relatively free of New Age jargon and full of guidance for the perplexed.

CloseQuotesAs she writes of her experience: “Truth sits quietly inside us, and with truth we can simply allow a healing space to form”

Indeed, she did that.

Jon Eisen, editor of The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine

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